Q: Do I need to lose weight before a tummy tuck?

A: Choosing whether or not to lose weight before a tummy tuck all depends on how you look now and the appearance you want to acheive. Maryland Cosmetic Surgery specialist Dr. Schreiber, commonly performs liposuction of the hips with a tummy tuck.  However, if extensive liposuction is required for the upper part of the abdomen or hips and thighs it may be better to wait about 3 months between the tummy tuck and liposuction.  Losing weight before a tummy tuck can only benefit you.  Your Maryland Tummy Tuck specialist will be able to remove more skin after weight loss giving you an overall better result.  Also, losing weight with diet and exercise will contribute to a healthier lifestyle and help you maintain your tummy tuck results longer.

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