Mommy Makeover

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Essentially a Mommy Makeover is simply Breast Augmentation with a Tummy Tuck, watch video below to learn more.

Childbirth is one of the most amazing experiences a woman can have, although the wear on tear on the body can take its toll.  In most cases when clients ask for the “mommy makeover” procedure usually they complain about having deflated looking breasts from breast feeding and excess skin and fat of the abdomen after childbirth.  The “mommy makeover” procedure addresses these problems by performing a tummy tuck and  breast augmentation with or without a lift and are done at the same time.  By combining both procedures at the same time it saves time, money, anesthesia exposure, and recovery time.  Dr. Schreiber performs the procedures in a hospital setting with board certified anesthesiologists.  An overnight stay in the hospital helps with recovery from a “mommy makeover” as well.

Visit our before and after gallery to see some of Dr. Schreiber’s “mommy makeover,” tummy tuck, and breast augmentation photos for an idea of what this procedure can do for you.